Friday, November 4, 2011

26 Weeks...Holy Cow!

I can't believe I am already 26 weeks along! This has been a crazy adventure but Shane and I are loving every second of it. I've had a few doctor appointments since I last posted. Alice is doing great. She is growing, kicking and moving like crazy and we absolutely adore her. She has had, however, what the doctor and specialist call PAC's (premature atrial contractions) which basically means her heart sometimes skips a beat. We've seen a specialist several times now, but the last time we went we were very enthused-she only had one PAC the whole appointment and the rest of the time her heart sounded great. Then I had an appointment with my regular doctor Tuesday and she had more frequent PAC's. Needless to say, we were both a little discouraged-we want what's best for our little Alice. We went to the temple Tuesday after I got home from the appointment and we both feel at peace about everything. There's a lot of uncertainty in our life right now and all that we can do is put our faith in the Lord. I will have another appointment with my doctor next week to have another listen at Alice's heartbeat to determine where to go for the rest of the pregnancy. My blood pressure has also been a little higher ever since I've been pregnant so that's another thing we are keeping an eye on. We would ask for your continued support and prayers as we are in the 3rd trimester and getting closer to meeting our little Ali-Bug. We love you all and appreciate all that you do for us.

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