Sunday, October 16, 2011

Over Half Way

Well, I am currently 24 weeks along and can't believe it. It seems like just yesterday we found out we were pregnant and now it's almost over! Alice has been moving like crazy. It's exciting now that we can actually watch her moving in my belly. She is extremely strong and loves kicking Shane. We can't help but grin and grin every time it happens. We can't wait to meet our little Ali-Bug when that time comes. I have two doctor appointments this week so we get to see how she is doing and if everything is going smoothly. Last appointment she had an irregular heartbeat and I had to see a specialist but they didn't find anything they were concerned about. I hope it's the same story this time around, but we are sure praying and hoping for all to go well.

We're busy as usual with work and Shane with school. He's also been able to go out camping and hunt which I'm glad he's gotten to do. We got a letter from the U that told us that Shane didn't get into the the PA program there which we are super bummed about. But Shane took it extremely well and I couldn't be more proud of him. Over 800 people applied and only 44 get seats so it's a very competitive field. We have yet to hear from the other schools he applied for and we're anxious to see what could happen.

Life is a roller coaster right now with a lot of uncertainty but I couldn't do it without Shane or the Lord. We were grateful for such great inspiration with general conference a couple weeks ago and felt like a lot of them were specifically for us. We are so blessed and we know that if we stay  faithful that everything will be ok. I love this gospel, I know that it's true and couldn't take life head on without it.

Today was our ward's primary program and I am the chorister. It has been a stressful time getting it ready since we have so many kids in our ward (the primary room is constantly packed). But today reaffirmed my love for kids. They have such an amazing spirit and even though they can be a pain, I learn so much from them, not only at church but from my job as well. I'm grateful Heavenly Father has blessed me with opportunities to work and grow with the kids I serve.

It's been a crazy few weeks and I know it's only going to get crazier. Life never stops being stressful, busy or wonderful. I'm just thankful I can share it with such wonderful people, especially my families and husband. Life isn't worth anything unless you're surrounded by the ones you love and in that department, I'm the luckiest person I know.

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  1. I'm so excited for you guys! Being a mom is the greatest joy in the world. Enjoy being pregnant while it lasts. It goes so fast and that first pregnancy experience is AWESOME! I wish I could do it for the first time all over again! (: Love the name by the way!