Saturday, August 27, 2011

School, Work, Our Baby, The Drill

It has been a while since I have posted. I was mostly waiting for our 2nd baby appointment to be done to give an update. It was very short-just a check up, heard the heart beat and asked questions. So far I am healthy and the baby's heart beat is strong and healthy. Shane and I were both very glad to hear this news. The most exciting part of the appointment was making our ultrasound visit to find out what our baby is! We will know in over a week and we are so excited. My belly is definitely starting to poke out a little more. People that don't know I'm pregnant can't tell, but everyone who does know can see it. We're excited about all of this change going on and can't wait to find out what our lil jumping bean will be.

Shane started school on the 22nd. This is his second to last semester at the U and then he will get his bachelor's degree in the spring. His classes aren't too strenuous which we are both grateful for. There is enough going on that having more stress wouldn't be very helpful right now. I am so proud of his determination and dedication in getting his degree. He is such an example to me, and will be for our family as well. Shane also applied for PA (physician's assistant) school over a week ago. He applied to 6 different schools: 2 in Oregon, 1 in California, 1 in Arizona, 1 in Colorado and of course the U. I'm sure he'll get in somewhere, he's too amazing not to. We are obviously hoping for the U, but wherever he gets in is where we will go next summer. Life is full of change right now but we are just taking it one day at a time.

I start school (work) on Monday the 29th. It has been such hard work getting my teacher's room ready. But I was also assigned to be head over a project at our new campus that will be opening Monday. It's a K-10 high school that is massive and has needed a lot of work. I was in charge in finding rooms for the elementary teachers to help get their stuff ready so on Friday they could just move everything in and get their actual classroom ready for Monday. It's been hard work, and a lot of stress for me so I've had to be really careful. I'm just ready for school to start so I can see my awesome students and remember why I put myself through such craziness. The one thing I don' have to worry about I'm done at SLCC! So I don't have to take evening classes throughout the school year which is a huge relief. I have my associates degree and I'm planning on chipping away at my bachelor when baby gets here. We'll see how everything goes.

I will be sure to keep our blog as updated as possible. There's lots going on, but we are especially looking forward to knowing what our sweet munchkin will be. Stay tuned!

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  1. ONE IN ARIZONA!?!?!?!?!? Is he applying to Midwestern?! Oh my, I hope so! That's where Paul goes for pharmacy school. They have DO, Optometry, Dentist... and PA programs! This is excellent news. Shane will get accepted. You will move here with your baby. We will hang out everyday. What a terrific plan! Keep me updated on this..
    I'm so excited for you, for the new school year, and the coming baby. I miss APA! I absolutely love being at home with my Susanna though. Being a mom was difficult for me at first. Susanna cried a lot the first 8 weeks of her life but things just kept getting better and better and I now I can't wait to have 9 more. Being a mom is just the best! Can't wait to hear what you're having!