Friday, June 17, 2011

Thank Goodness it's Friday

Shane and I are both so thrilled it's Friday. We both have the day completely off. No work, no school. WOOT! Being pregnant, especially this early, has worn me out with working and 14 hours of school a week. I've had to take a couple power naps a day at least or I don't survive. I'm lucky that I have such good friends in my classes that help me catch up on notes, or nudge me when I do nod off, because that's been just about every class. I couldn't be more happy though, knowing it's for our little baby inside me.

We spent the morning updating the blog-new background and pictures. I didn't think it would be so complicated to decide on a background, but it took us about an hour to figure everything out. We spent the whole time laughing of course, seeing how we are both so picky and analytical. I could have honestly cared less about how long it took, because I was with Shane. I have really missed seeing and being with him and it's twice as hard now with baby missing him too. We're just happy to have a weekend together and to catch up. Unfortunately, I've got a pile of homework that's calling my name and I don't want to heed the call. But, this is my last semester before my associates, so I just have to plunge ahead and get it done.

I called my doctor's office yesterday and scheduled my 12 week appointment. As far as we know right now, I'm about 6 weeks along, so I'll have my first appointment at the end of July. We're so excited and nervous. We want the baby to be growing well and healthy so we're very antsy for the end of July to be here. We will be sure to post any news we find out.

I'm excited to be blogging. It's nice to have somewhere to post thoughts, ideas and questions because I know I'm going to have a lot these next few months. Please post comments and keep following. We love the support. :)

This is our positive pregnancy test. I wanted to post it last time, but there were some issues

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  1. AWWWWW, Shane gets to have an almost Father's Day! You can give him a card that says "Love, Erin and our embryo" :)